Thursday, September 13, 2007

In Disguise

Man of worth… as what they see

You got it all… and so they say

You got power, wealth and fame

Perfection… is what they thought you are

Indeed you make things happen in just a snap

And with that you are loved…

But who are you beneath the mask?

Who are you beneath your lies?

I say, you’re a beast hiding in glamour

A devil in disguise

Sure you made them believe through your fake smile

Sure you made them listen through your kind words

And with just a little tear… you have gained support

Laugh out now… laugh it all out

In your laugh you broke her soul

I hope you realize her worth

Before time takes its turn

And you end up all alone

Remember the past, remember it all

Remember everything before the fame

Remember her… who was there to share your pain

Your pillar, who loved you when no one did

Take her for granted like it has always been

But let me remind you

She is not forever yours

For time has awakened her…

Tomorrow, she's no longer there

Tomorrow she will be gone

Off to find the life that she deserves

You had your chance, but you waste it away

Now’s her turn do things her way

You forgot… as you always do

that behind your success… there was her.