Friday, February 29, 2008

Mindanao Filmmakers Awarded at NDU!!!

Last week, February 25, 2008. The Micromedia Production along with other filmmakers went to Cotabato City for a screening of their films in Notre Dame University... the screening was attended by the Canadian Ambassador, Desjardines and other guests from different LGU's and Organizations in the country. The said event was also the awarding of the Best Film, Best Community Story and Citation of Excellence among the Seven Mindanao Films shown in in the Kontra Agos Film Festival.

Filmmaker, Sheron Dayoc of Zemboanga, receives the award for his Film, "Dreams" as Best Film among the 7 Mindanao Films.

Fernand Salinas, represents Filmmaker, Monalyn Labado in accepting the award for the Citation of Excellence for the Film, "A Step for my Dream."

Filmmaker, McRobert Nacario, receives a citation of excellence award for his film, "Biniton"

Canadian Ambassador, Desjardines, checking out the Film, "Biniton"

Thursday, February 14, 2008

On a Hearts Day

As I woke up this morning, I instantly grabbed my phone, as part of my daily routine. Alas, as expected, my inbox is filled unread messages of love and the entire day was indeed messages of sweet thoughts on love. Hmmm… people are so into love today… me? I find it to be the usual days… well what do you know, sometimes, you can’t be a love junkie on the day intended for the hearts. :)

My day continued with meeting up with my sister. I kinda planned not to work today… I intend to pamper myself… seems like I’m into love after all, only I’m more in love with myself… (Don’t we all? tsk tsk tsk). I went on to the salon and had my hair done. Right after my hair makeover, I feel the need to feed my brain. (tsk tsk) so I headed on to the bookstore to find myself a book, only to find out that the book I’m looking for is not available… (so lucky!!! Grrr) Oh well, not having that book will not derail from enjoying my day :)

For my appetite, my sister and I ended up in pizza hut, as I was craving for pizza (yum yum yum) sadly, my sister seem to forget that I happen to be a vegetarian… so I have to take away those meat toppings of my pizza… but hey… pizza still so damn delicious...(all smiles).

Finally, I done it the first time… not going out with someone of the male species on the hearts day… and it was still pretty fine. (lol) I just realized… you can really have fun… even maybe if you only have yourself as your own company… hehehe I did!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Are You an Angel?

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What is you idea of an angel? Do you picture it as a celestial being? Is it someone who has wings? Fair skinned? lovely? Had there been a time that you wondered if they exist?

Let me share with you my idea of angels... they exist. We see them everyday, giving us sweet smiles across the street, giving us a hand when we needed it, hugs us when we feel downcasted, lighthearted, a picture of a peaceful being, where you see is positivity... optimism.

They literally don't have wings, but the possess great power. They are human beings who discovered their powers through attracting anything that is positive and living up with their virtues. And what are these virtues anyway? 64 virtues all in all my friends... and to name a few let me introduce you to: accuracy, commitment, equanimity, acceptance, zeal and the list goes on and on.

You might be wondering why I am blogging about this... well, I happen to get inspired by the thought that we can be angels in this world... spreading love and joy to others... teaching by example. Om Shanti Friends :)

Essays and More

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Om Shanti

Rest your mind oh dear child,
Silence it for a while
Do not let negativity fill in
Remember the peace you have within

Relearn the lesson you once discerned
Attract positivity and let it be your friend
Fly now from the comfort of your distress
For great things are yours to possess

Remember oh child what is innate
Discover your powers and have faith
Face the world with a smile on your face
For you are a being of PEACE

Om Shanti...


Monday, February 4, 2008

Sow What You Reap

When I look around my atmosphere… different faces of veracity is served before me… different faces of logic hits me as I try to dig deeper in the actuality of things.

Why is a country richer than the other? How come an offender gets away with transgression, while there are some bent down by humiliation cannot be looked at beyond the disgrace? How come, those who work hard on something don’t get the chance and those who do shortcuts often get the commendation?

They said in a rat race, only the smartest, the fastest and the fittest wins the game. With this thought, one can say that only the smart and wise owns the world.

Experience taught me that working hard is useless without working smart… but experience also teaches me how success can be useless when nothing within you smiles.

Does really outsmarting another makes one a winner? My family taught me the value of “sowing and reaping…” and somehow I grew up with it. I believe that the world gives you back what you set out… love begets love… trust begets trust… respect begets respect… it is always something for something. If one gives away distrust and injustice… he gets it back a couple of times more… we get what we deserve.

All of this, still sums up to the Golden Rule: “Do unto others, what you want others do unto you.”

Life isn’t winning all the time… nor does one have to outsmart everyone to win. Its all about winning together through reaching out…

Friday, February 1, 2008

Practice What You Learned

There was a time when we were doing a film, I was so eager to learn about video editing. I would spend most of my time at the studio, watching my friends, Kenth or French doing video editing... Sometimes, I would even drop by Coicoi's office, to take a peek at his video works... and to know the basic in video editing. So one night,when Kenth was capturing some scenes from the videos, he gave me and Karina the chance to explore the Adobe Premiere Pro2. I remembered how scared I was at that time because of the thought that I might just mess it all up... but Kenth was really so nice, that he encourage us to give it a try... he left for a while for us to have a better room for learning...

Finally, after a while of hesitation, I get myself to tinker the keyboard, and you know what made me? The fact that I was already there and it was my chance to practice what I've learned.

What's the point of hanging out in the studio a number of days a week trying to learn the craft and be able to practice it? It's like learning the alphabet, you start with A,B,C but not able to reach X,Y,Z. And so I thought to myself that If I'm not able to do it at that time, I may never really get the chance to do it... so I did it... so glad I did. Because I realized that I am capable of learning new things... and you know what? After I learned Video Editing, I started to get paid by doing the craft... and I never stop learning :)

My point is, if you want to explore your qualities... don't stop learning until you master it.

Howdy Friends!!! :)

Hi guys, I haven't been really updating my blog for a couple of days now... well, been really busy with work lately plus I'm still adjusting to the changes taking place in my life. Oh well, here are some update going on in my life at the moment. :)

Well I am actually hanging out with Ayyi and Lucky right now, discussing about almost anything... love, life, family,responsibilities and careers. After office today, Ayyi and I went to Damosa Gateway and grab some pasta and pizza... well lucky arrived after a while, and we were discussing about life and our perspective about it.

After dinner, we transferred at Fagioli to have some tea, well good thing I brought my laptop with me... I got myself a programming offer... tempting but I have to check it out first... do i still have time for it? considering that I am managing two websites and still working on my script for the film we are coming up this year plus write ups for the publication... wheew... Now you understand, why I find it hard to update my blog... (laughs). But hey, I will really really really try to get in touch with you guys... perhaps in the evening after work just like what I'm doing now.

I guess that's all for now... :) thank you guys for dropping by my site... I will be checking on your site in a while :) Please feel free to leave a comment... I am so excited to read it :) hehehe nice evening :)