Friday, June 1, 2012

When You feel Inadequate, Remember you are Good Enough

Nothing is constant and due to inconsistency of things, there are times that we feel we are not at our better self. but one thing though, you will be given chances on becoming who you wanted to become. And it boils down to challenging yourself in a good way. Its more like of enjoying the challenge.

Today, I feel so inspired to look for different kinds of affirmations and I found these that without a doubt moved me, and I figured if I am to share this, it could inspire you even more. here goes:

Just imagine how colorful the world is if you feel great about the things you do. If something is making you feel inadequate, or unhappy,,, ask yourself, is this what you want? 

photo credits to: Isra Blog

I am living this now, it was said that an individual person needs at least 4 times a day for survival, perhaps a couple of hugs more to be happy. but one thing I know, I am thankful to receive hugs when I need it.