Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Feel Christmas

taken in one of my travels...

A few more days to go and its Christmas... over the dinner earlier... Little Mac, Ayyi and I can't help but discuss about Christmas this year...

ME: Ilang days na lang, Christmas na pala... can't feel it.
AYYI: Yeah, ako rin. .seems like ordinary days.
LITTLEMAC: Even nga mga bata ngayon, don't seem to feel Christmas. Iba talaga noon.

I guess Little Mac is right... things are really different now... and sometimes I feel guilty not having to feel Christmas while everybody else is so busy preparing for this important season of the year... people seem to be so nice and so warm... so kind... and yet, I feel so ordinary... nothing seems to be special... I didn't even buy gifts for anyone this year (except for the office party by the way).

Maybe I need to do something special this year to feel the Spirit of Christmas... not so grand but a simple and special thing to do... "GIVE", I really want to feel inspired, as what Bo Sanchez once quoted in one of his books... If you want to be happy, GIVE. I wanna do it differently this year... I know there is always something I can share, even if I only have enough... so this time I'm sharing my gifts to those who really needs it... they are very dear to my heart... the Kids I've come to know in one of my travels... people with colorful lives... they remind me how blessed I am.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

All These... In a Day =)

Hmmm... wanna know what I did today? I had a great time with my Brother, Vhon, Ayyi and Little Mac... actually my day started doing my laundry... ate breakfast at 10 in the morning... took a bath... getting ready to leave.

My Bro and I got bored that we decided to grab some burger and fries... along the way we talk about future plans... his new business and some bills we need to pay.. and talking about it? I still have to pay my own bills... this is what I get for workin' so HARD... (kidding)... finally we arrived at the burger house... so we talk about so many things... been a while really that we bonded as siblings... so we decided to watch a movie: "gameplan" It's a nice movie... its the conventional type of a flick though... but its kinda funny... :) right after the movie... I dropped by the Bookstore to check on some books, I haven't bought any books in 6 months now... I used to buy books every two months... hmmm... I have been looking for a great gift for myself and I feel like I need a new book... so I searched on the pile of books and my eyes caught Ricky Lee's "Road to Quiapo"... I read a portion of it during our Film Directing Workshop with Film Director and Critic, Nick De Ocampo last October and I find it useful in my filmmaking career (as if!?!) and I saw another book again... entitled: "The Tao of Writing" I like the book so much, it gives good ideas. Hmm... I wanna buy both! I'm about to grab the two book when I figured, I didn't bring enough cash!?! So Smart of me!?! I have to come back some other time and buy those books for myself... (Yeah, like I have a choice?) So I decided to go to the editing shop and met up with Little Mac and Ayyi... there I waited for the two and we went to dinner together... and so Little Mac went on with his jokes on me again... after dinner Little Mac and I headed for the shop while Ayyi went her way to the coffee shop and have coffee with friends... along the way Little Mac and I agreed to buy an Ice Cream so we passed by the convenience store and bought 2 pint of ice creams. (YUM!!!) Hmmm... too bad, my friend Dura isn't around we could have had pizza plus ice cream... her treat!!! (giggles)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

A One Whole Day of REST

Finally, I was able to sit and have time for my blog once again... hmmm... been really busy for the past days... I spent my entire week researching and writing articles for the office publication... as well as doing the layout of the said pub and updating the IIPE website. Finally, I'm almost done with the layouts.

I'm just glad that I finally had the time to breathe... and really relax for just one day... tomorrow I'll be updating my own business site, my developer have been asking me for the site content for like a month now, good thing I have the time to finally finish it. :)

My schedule have been quite hectic for the past months... doing researches, scripts, business proposals, clients, shoots, video coverages, event planning, layouts... wow, do I own the world? (laughs)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Friendship Tested Through Time

At 3:40 am.. still awake and chatting with my friend, miah. We haven't given the chance to spend time because of work... but i'm glad we had the chance now... I remember, we used to have sleep over sometime in the past, and do some movie marathon. Well, kinda miss it though... :)

Miah and I have been friends since college... actually I consider her as one of my best friends. We have been through challenges throughout the years but was still able to keep the friendship... that's when I know that she's one of the few that is for keeps... :)

Friday, December 7, 2007

Another Case of Child Suicide

I was watching local news earlier this afternoon, after Marianette Amper, another child, a Grade three student commits suicide again. I'm just really alarmed by the way kids are taking the situation these days... SUICIDE is really not something for children... they are meant to play, study and live life the way they should.

Marianette Amper's
death made a big issue in the country... and what scares me now is that, children may have a wrong interpretation about her death that they think suicide is a heroic act. Of course, investigation about her death is still ongoing. But my concern now is not about Marianette Amper's death... but the effect of the news of her death on our kids.

Its in the media... they hear about her almost everyday, and kids may have this notion that if they kill themselves, they would be heard... and that grown ups would finally pay attention to them, just in the case of marianette.

Parents, we really need to take extra attention to our kids when it comes to media... media is not always good. How do we prevent this from happening? COMMUNICATION. Listen to your kids... know how they really feel. Have quality time with them... in that way they would feel that they are loved. In disciplining... talk to them in firm but understandable manner.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Invisible Victims

I was browsing the Philippine Daily Inquirer Newspaper, I was looking for the Young blood entry that day... when a "They Said" column caught my eye, it says:

Invisible Victims

"Hardly have we built our hut when we have to move again, and sometimes we go back to our old huts and rebuild them and then we have to abandon them and flee again. And we begin to ask: Why, why, why? Why are we invisible to the rest of the World? Does the world outside ever care about us?"
-Magdalena Suhat, a member of a Minority group in Mindanaothat has been displaced many times by armed conflict.

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer, November 5 Issue, Opinions Section

We are blessed that we don't have to go through the same situation as these people... we can sleep soundly at night without worrying that a bomb is being dropped on our ceiling... I wish there is something that could be done... to end their plight... and don't just rely on the immediate aid but to really work on something that will finally free them from all these conflicts.. :(

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Political Killings

I was trying to pause for a while and watch how the world is doing through the news... then I figured, its still the same world after all, only it got even worse... what's with all these political killings anyway? Would these ever stop? Come to think of it... the way people are killed is getting scary... merely imagining how this one journalist being killed exactly in the announcer's booth at radio station he's working... and what really scared me is that... the person responsible for the killing is a government official?

And what does this give us? That everytime we find something wrong about how the government runs their office and give them a tap of reminder, they might instantly pull a gun towards us and shut us up? Where's the Democracy then?

As far as I know, it is the Government's responsiblity to protect ones right to life... no matter what the political background of a person is.

A month from now, December 10, 2007 will be the Human Rights Day... I wonder... with all these killings? Does it still make sense?

Friday, November 9, 2007

How Do You Define Maturity?

I was awakened by my big brother's litany over my younger brother this afternoon, saying: "Maturity has nothing to do with age... maturity is doing what is right... even a Five-year-old kid is considered mature if he does what is right." Those words kinda hit me somehow.

Lets face it, sometimes we tend to act childishly and kinda impossible... specially when we are so preoccupied by our emotions... this indeed something to think about... :)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Zhang Yimou

I never watched Zhang Yimou's films until early last year of 2006, the first movie I watched, starred, Zhang Ziyi... "The Road Home." Honestly, at first I don't find the movie very interesting... but as the story progressed, i find it to be appealing.

Actually, The Road Home, is just a simple story about a girl from the countryside who fells in love with an educator. The story shows how the girl tries to win her man... it was a simple story... but I find it interesting, through a very artistic and traditional work of art at the same time..

So far, I have watched 3 films of Yimou... and each has its own style in visual storytelling no matter how simple a story can get... "The Road Home, Not One Less, and Curse of the Golden Flower".

I've been wanting to watch more of Zhang Yimou's films... he always have artistic details in his films that reveals the identity of the film.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Real Situation...

While everybody else were so hooked up with the non-ending ERAP's pardon... Arroyo-De Venecia over ZTE deal... my world stopped at a certain community where my eyes were opened to the real situation of ordinary people who actually needs the attention.

And so I thought... why are those people making a fuss about their leadership, when if they only look to communities in rural areas, they'd know how to evaluate themselves as leaders. They talk about how the economy has improved... and yet if you look on to these rural areas? All you see is a complete picture of POVERTY.

In my One week stay in the Saniag Community of Ampatuan, Cotabato... i figured that these people need education... they have a school building, but lack the materials for education... lack teachers... I even thought that not wearing slippers is part of their culture but truth? They just cant afford to buy even a pair of slippers.

One might say... people in the rural areas live a simple life... well how do you define simplicity? as far as I know... simple living... is having contentment in little things... but doesn't have to deprive himself of things that is necessary.

Well if those people wanted to be quoted as a GOOD LEADER, may I suggest, LOOK UNTO THE REAL SITUATION OF ORDINARY PEOPLE.

Monday, October 29, 2007


the sun is up...

and haven't really finished revising my script... oh well, few hours from now were on our way for our shoot. nyahaha. and the script isnt finished yet... duh...

FOCUS. i need to FOCUS as what Teng Mangansakan, also a Filmmaker, keeps on reminding fellow filmmakers for like a week now. LEARN rhon... LEARN.

As if really i have the choice not to finish the script huh? hmmm... i wonder whats taking me so long, when i only need to revise the scripts... and to think there are only few revisions.!!! grrr.... again it leads to FOCUS.

Okay... maybe i should sit back for a while and start to meditate... perhaps i need to refill my energy and creativity tank... to finish a good story... POSITIVITY? get in to me NOW.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cloud 9

After so many sleepless nights doing video editing stuffs, I finally had the chance to spend time with myself and pamper myself a little… filling up my energy tank for another more workload…Yes, I finally decided to engage myself in Video Editing… after web development… I’m so hooked up with video editing these days.

I still remember how frustrated I was few days ago… because I almost wasn’t able to present the video I was making because the computer I was using is not compiling due to low memory, good thing my friends, Coi and Fern was there to help me make things possible… and I would have not eaten the whole day if they had not found a way. (I’ll be doomed for life!!!) The project is very crucial for the office I’m working for… since it’s meant to be presented to the Australian Review Team for the evaluation of the company… I felt so lucky that time when I finally presented the video on TIME. (Whew… despite the hassles… time was still on my side…)

I am just so happy with the feedbacks that I’ve been hearing… my boss can’t even thank me enough… as well as those people I’ve worked with… Indeed its elating to have someone appreciate what you do… its been a while since someone took notice of my works… and it is just so inspiring that my sleepless nights indeed paid off.

* All SMILES =)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

In Disguise

Man of worth… as what they see

You got it all… and so they say

You got power, wealth and fame

Perfection… is what they thought you are

Indeed you make things happen in just a snap

And with that you are loved…

But who are you beneath the mask?

Who are you beneath your lies?

I say, you’re a beast hiding in glamour

A devil in disguise

Sure you made them believe through your fake smile

Sure you made them listen through your kind words

And with just a little tear… you have gained support

Laugh out now… laugh it all out

In your laugh you broke her soul

I hope you realize her worth

Before time takes its turn

And you end up all alone

Remember the past, remember it all

Remember everything before the fame

Remember her… who was there to share your pain

Your pillar, who loved you when no one did

Take her for granted like it has always been

But let me remind you

She is not forever yours

For time has awakened her…

Tomorrow, she's no longer there

Tomorrow she will be gone

Off to find the life that she deserves

You had your chance, but you waste it away

Now’s her turn do things her way

You forgot… as you always do

that behind your success… there was her.



Monday, July 16, 2007

Si Bumblebee at ang Matapang na Bubuyog

Nagtipon-tipon ang mga nilalang sa isang malaking kasiyahan… hayun si Bumblebee, palakad-lakad habang kinakamayan ang lahat ng makasalamuha… nandun din ang matapang na bubuyog na kinakamayan din si Bumblebee. Teka nga? Tama ba itong nakikita ko? Ang matapang na bubuyog na sa aking pagkakaalam ay ang mga malapit sa kanya ay matinik na kaaway ni Bumblebee? Hmmm… ang bilis namang magbago ng takbo ng pangyayari…
Kung hindi ako nagkakamali… noong isang linggo lang ay masyadong matapang ang pananalita ng mtapang na bubuyog na ito… animo’y isang hari na walang kinatatakutan.. kaya na man napahanga niya ako… dahil sa angkin niyang tapang… subalit sa nakikita ko? Takot ba siya kay Bumblebee? Si Bumblebee na walang ginawa kundi ang ipakita ang kanyang pagkaipokriito… si bumblebee na sadyang makapal ang mukha na walang ginawa kundi ang ipakita sa lahat kung sino ang hari… na kahit ang malaking pagkakamali niya ay kaya niyang gawing tama?
Tingnan mo nga naman si Bumblebee… nakikipagbiruan pa sa matapang na bubuyog. Ang dating Mortal na magkatunggali… ngayon ay animo’y matagal nang magkaibigan. Hay… sana lang hindi magbago ang disposisyon ng matapang na bubuyog na ito. Sana naman ay hindi malason ang kanyang pag-iisip sa mga matatamis na salitang iminumungkahi ni Bumblebee.
Madaming naglalaro sa aking isipan ngayon… Bakit nililigawan ulit ni Bumblebee ang matapang na bubuyog? Kaya ba talagang Talikuran ng Matapang na Bubuyog ang kanyang prinsipyo kapalit ng isang kasiguraduhan sa hinaharap?
Isa lang ang alam ko ngayon? Na ang pagsasawalang kibo ng matapang na bubuyog sa kanyang mga binitiwang pangako sa umaasa sa kanya at ang pkikipagmabutihan kay bumblebee ay isang kaduwagan. Manindigan ka! Ang pagsasawalang kibo mo sa mga nangyayari ay isang patunay na ikaw ay isang kaaway! Na ikaw ay mapanlinlang! Ikaw na hinahangaan ko ay kasingkulay pala ng dugo ni Bumblebee…

Monday, June 25, 2007

Isang Gabi Habang Umuulan =)

Tumingin ako sa relo ng opisina… Alas otso y media na pala ng gabi… pambihira… buong hapon na pala akong nakababad sa computer na ito… saka ko lang naisip… kumakalam na pala ang sikmura ko… GUTOM na ako!!!

Lumapit ako kay Gen… na kanina pa pala naghihintay upang sabay kaming kumain… nakaligtaan ko yata… paalis na kami nang dumating ang isang kliyJustify Fullente… haay.. salamat libreng hapunan na naman po kami =p

Naglakad kami papuntang restaurant kasama ang isang kliyente na manlilibre sa amin ng hapunan… sa hirap ng buhay ngayon… may libre pa pala? Hehehe

Habang kumakain… hindi namin napigilan ang tumawa nang tumawa dahil na rin sa kakaibang patutsada ni Gen at pati ang Kliyente ay nakisali na rin… nariyan pa si Mona na lagi akong napapatawa sa simpleng kibot lang… =)

Nakakatuwa naman… matagal na rin akong hindi nakakatawa na halos sumakit ang aking tiyan sa tinding katuwaan… haay… ang saya… sana naman maulit ang ganito.

Natapos ang hapunan… kanya kanyang uwian… alas onse na ng gabi at katatapos lang ng malakas na ulan… paglabas namin ng restaurant ay umaambon pa… sasakay sana kami ng taxi, pero naisip kong maglakad na muna… hmmm naisip kong lubusin na ang pagkakataong ito na ipakita ang aking kawirduhan… nakakamiss ang ganito… maglakad sa ilalim ng patak ng ulan… J nakisama na rin sa akin si Gen at si Mona.

Naisip ko… ang tagal ko nang hindi nagagawa ang ganito… nalala ko tuloy ang ibang taong sinamahan rin ako habang naglalakad sa ulan… SIYA… Sabay kaming naglalakad sa ulan… tulad ko may pagkaweirdo rin… heheeh weirdo ba ako? Hindi alintana ang lakas ng ulan… lumalakad kami na para bang hindi kami mababasa… ninanamnam ang sandaling umuulan… dahil mamaya ay hihinto na rin ito...Kinabukasan… lalagnatin kami pareho…

Kumusta na kaya SIYA? Kumusta KA na ba? Kailan kaya tayo mag-uusap ulit ano? Hmmm… siguro malapit na… konting panahon na lang… handa na akong makipag-usap sa IYO.


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Si Lola Inay

My friend, Joy and I were having dinner at Al’s Diner… we were discussing the things we are supposed to work on to for the next day, when she received a message about her grandmother, found unconscious by her sister. It was really a shocking and awkward moment for me…I don’t know what to say to keep her from worrying… and instincts tells me, that I just have to be there for her… even without a single word. I thought that it’s better not to say anything than say something I might regret.

She was telling me about how she makes her grandmother laugh… and how she takes care of her… and it worries her because she’s not there to help her grandmother. I know how she felt… because I used to feel that way some years ago.

I remember my grandmother would visit us once in a while and would cook good food for us… and I eat everything that she cooks… I don’t eat eggplant because if I do? I’ll probably end up vomiting. But with her, I’m confident eating it… I don’t know how she does it but I can actually eat an eggplant without having to puke. J

Our “lola inay” is very workaholic. She couldn’t stand a few minutes not doing anything. I missed her Batangeña accent. “Ala eh, habi riyan at ako’y nagwawalis ng sahig” (move aside, I’m sweeping the floor) that was her common lines… and when we get naughty she has a way of making us feel guilty: Ala eh, ang sama baga ng ugali nito…hindi ko gusto eh… ala eh, di na ako babalik dito… ang tigas ng ulo mo eh.” (I don’t like your attitude… I’m not coming back here, you’re so hardheaded) and feeling guilty and still wanting to spend time with her… I would then beg her to stay and would offer to comb her very long hair. And she would then smile. And when she smiles, I know were fine J then while combing her hair; she would share to me a poem she learned in her childhood it goes something like:

“Ako po’y Tabing at nagpapailaya,

Tatawid ng ilog at mangangalsada,

Ako’y may nakitang paring nagmimisa

Ang wika sa aki’y magsimba ka muna

Ako’y lumuhod sa tabi ng pader

Ang tinutunghay ko… ang birhen sa langit.”

All of her grandchildren would memorize the poem and would recite it in front of her… I don’t know if all my cousins still remember that poem but I did. I kept it by heart. My way of remembering her… and the quality moments I had with her.

Year 2000, she was diagnosed with cancer. Nobody told her about her condition for the reason that she might end up feeling depressed. Even us, her grandchildren didn’t know about it. Until one day, she went to a point of not able to walk again.

I had the chance to spend time with her for two weeks… it wasn’t easy taking care if her… seeing her in that condition broke my heart. I know she’s suffering and I can’t do anything but just be there for her and take care of her in anyway I can. And the night before I left, she was actually in tears… I was in tears as well, but I never let it show… her voice was weak, she said: “Uuwi ka na… wala ng mag-aalaga sa akin. Hindi na nga yata ako gagaling eh.” (No one’s going to take care of me anymore when you leave, perhaps I’ll never get any better) I told her not to lose hope… and that she’ll get better. But I know I was lying… because the Doctor already told us the truth. Then she gave me her last words… “Sabihin mo sa kuya mo na, wag na niya ako isakay sa kotse na puti. Mag-aral na kamo siya ng mabuti.” (Tell your brother to not to tour me with his white car anymore. Tell him to study hard.) Before I left, she asked me to massage her back… then I hugged her and kissed her on the forehead. And that was my last moment with my “lola inay” a few days after I left, she passed away.

My mom shared to us what lola inay told her before lola inay died. “Yung damit kong puti na isinuot ko sa kasal ni Sheila ang susuotin ko pag akoy namatay… yung iba kong damit ipamigay niyo na” (I’m going to use the white dress I wore in Sheila’s wedding when I die. Give my other clothes away) She talks as if she already knew she is going to leave. Then she paused for a moment, and continued, “Tingnan mo ako Delia, aalis ako na walang ibang dala kundi ang nag-iisang damit na isusuot ko pag ako’y namatay.” (Look at me Delia, I’m going away without anything to bring except the only dress I wear when I die)

Today I learned that the hurt of losing someone who mattered to you never really go away… it stays right there in the depth of your heart… the only thing one can do is get used to the pain. My lola inay, left us on that 13th day of November, 2000.

Even until this moment, I had those words with me… I kept it with me… a simple memory that makes me near to tears… because I know she loved us so much… and the kind of love she had for us was selfless.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Other Side of Her...

She went away with a strong conviction of making it on her own… along the way, sometimes things turn out well but at most times it doesn’t.

Still, she portrayed that strong character… pretended to be hard… just so to show that she’ll stand her ground no matter what it is she needs to pass through. Perhaps she was able to convince people that she is indeed doing well.

But in her room, when nobody’s there… the moment she is alone… she is shedding a tear. Right there, one would realize that she is not at all that strong.

One may have a notion of her being tough, but dare to look in the depth of her eyes and one would see… she is also human. She has a heart… and it also hurts. Like most people, she also wish someone would be there to give her solace when she is in great pain… she also wished for that someone who would understand and accept the person that she was and the person that she is now.

She sometimes gets tired of wearing a mask… also gets tired of the fast paced world… that she sometimes wished to go back to where, things were not so complicated.

She has to remain tough; she has to keep up with what life has to offer. She knows she can never go back to the way things were. All the tears shed in her room, would remain in that corner forever. This is the reality she has to face.

Monday, May 14, 2007

The "MarsoKwatro" of the DreamArtz Production

This happen to be my blog some months ago... December last year to be exact... i just thought of sharing it with you guys... :)

My experience with the DreamArts Production in making the film: "MarsoKwatro." from the pre-production to the production and even the post production... and the awards night :)

How we end up with the plot?

After more than a month of keeping’ ourselves busy for the shoot… were finally back to those regular days… I would definitely miss all of it… those sleepless nights just to finish every sequence… the on the spot script revisions… those unending discussions… those unexpected circumstances… those conflicts regarding the story… and the fun of actually doing the film…. Surely I will miss those passionate people behind the film: “MarsoKwatro”

I remember… Nae, Coi and I… were having dinner together… and the idea of joining the Mindanao Film Festival again this year opened another discussion for us… only this time were eyeing for the Short Film competition… then ideas were already coming out… then the thought of prostitution as a plot were given into consideration… but later that week it was changed into quite large plot – the Davao airport bombing… I was thrilled with the idea… and at the same time, hesitant knowing that it would cause us large amount of cash to make the film possible… but the idea of merely coming up with something worth the time is so tempting… so to sum it all up… we ended up with the Davao Airport Bombing Plot. The idea there is to be able to come with a film for Davao...

And that incident of March 4 bombing is something that the Davaeños have experienced. The film is not made just to make the movie… it is not made just for the award… this is our way of doing our part.

Personally, what inspired me to write the screenplay of the film is the experience of my friend, who lost a member of her family because of that tragic event in the Davao Airport.

I was there when the family suffered from the lost of that family member. I saw their pain and felt it as well. I saw how the family was crippled by the pain of losing that special person in their lives. How they tried to go on with life positively despite the very painful incident that took place.

I know that, just like my friend. the victims' families also experienced what my friend and her family has gone through.

* here is the trailer of our film Marso Kwatro:

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Ang Mundo ni Sisa

“Para akong baliw na nakakulong sa apat na sulok ng kwartong ito. Hindi makakilos… bawal gumalaw. Gusto kong magwala at magsisisigaw nagbabakasakali na ako ay marinig at maintindihan. Subalit kahit anong gawin kong pagsisisigaw paos na ang aking tinig at may kalakip na itong paghihinagpis.Gustuhin mang tumakas, walang magawa. Sapagkat sa aking daraanan, may rehas na nakaharang at sa aking paanan ay kadenang nangangalawang.”

“Umiyak ako nang umiyak hanggang sa ako ay napagod at naging manhid na lamang. At Naging tulala sa magdamag.”

“Heto ako ngayon. Umiiyak pero walang bakas ng luha. Biglang tatawa nang walang dahilan. Sasayaw sa apat na sulok ng aking silid. Lakad nang lakad na animo’y nagmamadali, wala namang patutunguhan.”

“Baliw ba ako?” (Itanong mo yan sa sarili mo!!!)

“Sa kanyang mata animoy siya ay naaawa… ngunit ang totoo naman ay siya’y nangungutya.”

“Sinasabi ko sa’yo… ako ngayon ay Malaya. Nakakapunta saan man naisin. Sasakay sa magarang kotse at aastang parang politiko na nanghihingi ng boto. Isusuot ko isang magarang damit at ako ay magiging hari na nakatira sa palasyo. Lahat ng utos ay sinusunod dahil ako ay isang hari.”

“Kaya sasabihin ko sayo… ako ay hindi baliw!!! Ang mundo na aking ginagalawan ay isang pelikula… kung saan ako ang bida.”

“Ito ang mundo ko… Tanong ko sa’yo… Baliw ba ako? “

“Kung sagot mo ay OO - ikaw naman ay GAGO!!!”

“Hindi ako baliw? – Tanga ka!!!”

“Hindi mo alam kung ano ako? - Ewan ko sayo!!!”

"Galit ka na? - Kawawa ka naman!!!"

“Sasabihin ko sa’yo… Hindi ako Baliw!!! Naririnig mo ba ang sigaw ko? Hindi ako Baliw!!!! Hahahahha!!!!!”

“Sinong Baliw? Hindi ako Baliw!!!! Hahahahaha!!!! Baliw… Baliw… Bal… B…” (Himbing na pagtulog)

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Remembering the "Huling Balyan"

I was checking on my friendster account when I get to run over Drei’s profile and get to take a peek at his pictures… there were pictures of friends that I get to work with during the shooting of the “Huling Balyan ng Buhi”… Somehow, looking at those pictures makes me remember the challenges and the fun I had during the shoot of the film… it was indeed a nice experience.

I remember we were in Arakan Valley, Philippines. We would wake up as early as 3 o’clock in the morning… I would borrow Marlyn’s jacket, carry the XL2 camera then would come along with the guys on the way to the location for setup. And I would take footages of them while working. Then Macky and T-bo would start joking around. I would go back to the house along with Coicoi, Rjay, T-bo, Babs, Chico, John and Mark then we’d get ready for breakfast Kuya Jek-jek has prepared for us - Hotdog, corned beef, egg and fried rice… amoy pa lang, makagutom na… Then I would hear T-bo or Macky yell, “Marlyn!!! Nanlimpyo na ka og balay?” (Marlyn, did you clean the house yet?) That’s their way of messing around with one of our production assistant, Marlyn.

Marlyn? I miss her… she fascinates me… and man, she does talk a lot!!! As in!!! She always wants to ask you questions even though sometimes it’s completely unnecessary. But mind you… she is a caring friend… she takes care of me and Karina. I remember, one night, we were really freezing cold and Marlyn was already shuddering because of the temperature. So Karina and I hugged each other with Marlyn at the center of the both of us. And in the morning we would tease her about how she acted the other night… and Marlyn would then act childishly. And Karina? I cannot forget her… after the “Huling Balyan”; she had become a dear friend indeed. We hangout together and even travel together… we converse a lot and share intelligent ideas.

Going back to the way it was in the production… Ah, the whole production would then gather in the living room and would discuss about the shooting schedules depending on the weather, sometimes if the weather is too foggy, we would then re-schedule the shoot and the rest of the production would spend the day resting or just hanging around with everyone. The guys: Macky, Coicoi, Ivurr, Chico, Jay-R, Ramir, Rjay, Drei, T-bo, Mark and Babs would Jam along with each other. Coicoi would even use the water container as beat box and Macky, Chico, T-bo would play the guitar while others would sing along with them.

In the sunny morning, we would then proceed to the location I would hear Adi Yelling “Time check!!!” Everyone would then rush things to keep up with the time, and then were on for a few more sequences. What’s so good about the production is that everybody exercises Multi-Tasking. We call ourselves “slashers” from documentary to production assistant even being a key grip. That’s when I realize that being in a production is never easy. But it’s worth the experience.

One unforgettable experience I had is when we were trekking our way back from the cave and I almost slipped down the cliff, if Macky had not accompanied me? I would have fallen and I might have not shared my experiences right now.

When I think about coffee? These guys always pop in my mind – Chico and Ramir. These guys are my instant coffee mates and my P.A.s too... (short for "personal alalay") well actually, we are each other's P.A.. They would make coffee for me and I’ll do the same for them. And man, they’re really a PRO when it comes to making coffee... it just taste so good.

The shoot usually ends up at 10 or 11 in the evening. We were so tired that sometimes we’d rather sleep than eat. But most times, Rjay and I would review the videos and would then ask me about it… and we would discuss a lot of things. His friend, Kenth, I never really pictured him as someone who jokes around, i pictured him as someone profound and serious. Karina and I were actually surprised that he is in fact capable of sharing funny stories and can indeed joke around. (and i find him smart too)

And Sherad? I admire him for his strong will and determination to finish the film. Unfavorable circumstance indeed occurred during the production period but hell, he was still able to bag the major awards (Best Picture, Best director, Best screenplay, and special award for citation of ensemble of actors) in the Cinema one film festival. What I most remember about him is when we went to Kidapawan for a courtesy call with Gov. Manny Piñol… along with Mike, Ate Joy, Eddie, And Bembol Roco. He would share about himself… and would joke around with us…and would again welcome me to the team.

Well those were the days... I am so thankful that Dax gave me the chance to work with these wonderful and highly skilled individuals. I kinda miss them. I guess, this is how it ends... my experience with the “Huling Balyan ng Buhi”.

( most photos in this post were captured by Mark Limbaga, the official photographer of the production)

Here is the trailer of The Huling Balyan ng Buhi... :