Thursday, April 16, 2009

Overwhelmingly Good

Things happen when you least expect it. Another cliché, but what the heck, experience tells us that it is absolutely true. Sometimes, the good things that happen to us are sometimes beyond what we have expected or even hoped for, and we wonder how amazing God is, for showering us such a wonderful grace.

Remembering that feeling so overwhelming when something good pass our way, when we are blessed with so much abundance that you sometimes wonder how amazing can life get, and in such amazing blessing, we are more inspired to work hard to retain that feeling of enthusiasm… that excitement. But there are moments when we finally found ourselves working our ass off, we tend to lose that feeling when everything seemed to be so brand new turns to be just the ordinary things we live day by day, we lose the momentum. And we become tired and bored with the situation, well perhaps it was because we are already used to the situation, that everything seemed ordinary, which only meant we are now at our comfort zone, and once we do, it’s about time we change pace, or perhaps take a step higher, find something that will bring back that feeling of wanting to be better, take on another challenge.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I love my life

I’m back to my own shelter, after a day and a half of adventure, I am back to the comfort of my bed. I know I should be sleeping by now but seems that I just feel the need to write about anything. And I guess it’s better not to sleep just yet, because when I die? I have a lot of sleeping to do, and not worry about waking up. I am alive, and I have to make something out of life before heading on to that never ending moment of sleep.

How does it feel to be alive? I say it’s this moment, this moment when I am doing something. This moment when I am building myself, this moment when I am creating something good, this is what it takes to be alive… finding and creating something good… something great.

I’ve been passive for a while, and I think that moment of mediocrity is way down in my trash bin, I’m back to the game of life. I have what it takes to become better, some may think I’m not cut out for anything, but the hell with those people, I’m gonna make good and I’m gonna do good.

Okay, seems like I’m ranting now. But I don’t care, I have this moment now, and I’m making use of it… and perhaps the best time to say something to people who seem to think they actually know you, when what? They weren’t there to see you work your ass off to be a good person, they weren’t there to see you grow up. I’m sorry but screw these people. I won’t let you get into me and ruin what I have built, i’m gonna do this, I’m gonna live my life.

And thank you. Thank you for what was said; it makes me want to continue to be better. It makes me want to go on and be better. THANK YOU.
Now, I feel better. Good.