Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Other Side of Her...

She went away with a strong conviction of making it on her own… along the way, sometimes things turn out well but at most times it doesn’t.

Still, she portrayed that strong character… pretended to be hard… just so to show that she’ll stand her ground no matter what it is she needs to pass through. Perhaps she was able to convince people that she is indeed doing well.

But in her room, when nobody’s there… the moment she is alone… she is shedding a tear. Right there, one would realize that she is not at all that strong.

One may have a notion of her being tough, but dare to look in the depth of her eyes and one would see… she is also human. She has a heart… and it also hurts. Like most people, she also wish someone would be there to give her solace when she is in great pain… she also wished for that someone who would understand and accept the person that she was and the person that she is now.

She sometimes gets tired of wearing a mask… also gets tired of the fast paced world… that she sometimes wished to go back to where, things were not so complicated.

She has to remain tough; she has to keep up with what life has to offer. She knows she can never go back to the way things were. All the tears shed in her room, would remain in that corner forever. This is the reality she has to face.

Monday, May 14, 2007

The "MarsoKwatro" of the DreamArtz Production

This happen to be my blog some months ago... December last year to be exact... i just thought of sharing it with you guys... :)

My experience with the DreamArts Production in making the film: "MarsoKwatro." from the pre-production to the production and even the post production... and the awards night :)

How we end up with the plot?

After more than a month of keeping’ ourselves busy for the shoot… were finally back to those regular days… I would definitely miss all of it… those sleepless nights just to finish every sequence… the on the spot script revisions… those unending discussions… those unexpected circumstances… those conflicts regarding the story… and the fun of actually doing the film…. Surely I will miss those passionate people behind the film: “MarsoKwatro”

I remember… Nae, Coi and I… were having dinner together… and the idea of joining the Mindanao Film Festival again this year opened another discussion for us… only this time were eyeing for the Short Film competition… then ideas were already coming out… then the thought of prostitution as a plot were given into consideration… but later that week it was changed into quite large plot – the Davao airport bombing… I was thrilled with the idea… and at the same time, hesitant knowing that it would cause us large amount of cash to make the film possible… but the idea of merely coming up with something worth the time is so tempting… so to sum it all up… we ended up with the Davao Airport Bombing Plot. The idea there is to be able to come with a film for Davao...

And that incident of March 4 bombing is something that the Davaeños have experienced. The film is not made just to make the movie… it is not made just for the award… this is our way of doing our part.

Personally, what inspired me to write the screenplay of the film is the experience of my friend, who lost a member of her family because of that tragic event in the Davao Airport.

I was there when the family suffered from the lost of that family member. I saw their pain and felt it as well. I saw how the family was crippled by the pain of losing that special person in their lives. How they tried to go on with life positively despite the very painful incident that took place.

I know that, just like my friend. the victims' families also experienced what my friend and her family has gone through.

* here is the trailer of our film Marso Kwatro:

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Ang Mundo ni Sisa

“Para akong baliw na nakakulong sa apat na sulok ng kwartong ito. Hindi makakilos… bawal gumalaw. Gusto kong magwala at magsisisigaw nagbabakasakali na ako ay marinig at maintindihan. Subalit kahit anong gawin kong pagsisisigaw paos na ang aking tinig at may kalakip na itong paghihinagpis.Gustuhin mang tumakas, walang magawa. Sapagkat sa aking daraanan, may rehas na nakaharang at sa aking paanan ay kadenang nangangalawang.”

“Umiyak ako nang umiyak hanggang sa ako ay napagod at naging manhid na lamang. At Naging tulala sa magdamag.”

“Heto ako ngayon. Umiiyak pero walang bakas ng luha. Biglang tatawa nang walang dahilan. Sasayaw sa apat na sulok ng aking silid. Lakad nang lakad na animo’y nagmamadali, wala namang patutunguhan.”

“Baliw ba ako?” (Itanong mo yan sa sarili mo!!!)

“Sa kanyang mata animoy siya ay naaawa… ngunit ang totoo naman ay siya’y nangungutya.”

“Sinasabi ko sa’yo… ako ngayon ay Malaya. Nakakapunta saan man naisin. Sasakay sa magarang kotse at aastang parang politiko na nanghihingi ng boto. Isusuot ko isang magarang damit at ako ay magiging hari na nakatira sa palasyo. Lahat ng utos ay sinusunod dahil ako ay isang hari.”

“Kaya sasabihin ko sayo… ako ay hindi baliw!!! Ang mundo na aking ginagalawan ay isang pelikula… kung saan ako ang bida.”

“Ito ang mundo ko… Tanong ko sa’yo… Baliw ba ako? “

“Kung sagot mo ay OO - ikaw naman ay GAGO!!!”

“Hindi ako baliw? – Tanga ka!!!”

“Hindi mo alam kung ano ako? - Ewan ko sayo!!!”

"Galit ka na? - Kawawa ka naman!!!"

“Sasabihin ko sa’yo… Hindi ako Baliw!!! Naririnig mo ba ang sigaw ko? Hindi ako Baliw!!!! Hahahahha!!!!!”

“Sinong Baliw? Hindi ako Baliw!!!! Hahahahaha!!!! Baliw… Baliw… Bal… B…” (Himbing na pagtulog)

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Remembering the "Huling Balyan"

I was checking on my friendster account when I get to run over Drei’s profile and get to take a peek at his pictures… there were pictures of friends that I get to work with during the shooting of the “Huling Balyan ng Buhi”… Somehow, looking at those pictures makes me remember the challenges and the fun I had during the shoot of the film… it was indeed a nice experience.

I remember we were in Arakan Valley, Philippines. We would wake up as early as 3 o’clock in the morning… I would borrow Marlyn’s jacket, carry the XL2 camera then would come along with the guys on the way to the location for setup. And I would take footages of them while working. Then Macky and T-bo would start joking around. I would go back to the house along with Coicoi, Rjay, T-bo, Babs, Chico, John and Mark then we’d get ready for breakfast Kuya Jek-jek has prepared for us - Hotdog, corned beef, egg and fried rice… amoy pa lang, makagutom na… Then I would hear T-bo or Macky yell, “Marlyn!!! Nanlimpyo na ka og balay?” (Marlyn, did you clean the house yet?) That’s their way of messing around with one of our production assistant, Marlyn.

Marlyn? I miss her… she fascinates me… and man, she does talk a lot!!! As in!!! She always wants to ask you questions even though sometimes it’s completely unnecessary. But mind you… she is a caring friend… she takes care of me and Karina. I remember, one night, we were really freezing cold and Marlyn was already shuddering because of the temperature. So Karina and I hugged each other with Marlyn at the center of the both of us. And in the morning we would tease her about how she acted the other night… and Marlyn would then act childishly. And Karina? I cannot forget her… after the “Huling Balyan”; she had become a dear friend indeed. We hangout together and even travel together… we converse a lot and share intelligent ideas.

Going back to the way it was in the production… Ah, the whole production would then gather in the living room and would discuss about the shooting schedules depending on the weather, sometimes if the weather is too foggy, we would then re-schedule the shoot and the rest of the production would spend the day resting or just hanging around with everyone. The guys: Macky, Coicoi, Ivurr, Chico, Jay-R, Ramir, Rjay, Drei, T-bo, Mark and Babs would Jam along with each other. Coicoi would even use the water container as beat box and Macky, Chico, T-bo would play the guitar while others would sing along with them.

In the sunny morning, we would then proceed to the location I would hear Adi Yelling “Time check!!!” Everyone would then rush things to keep up with the time, and then were on for a few more sequences. What’s so good about the production is that everybody exercises Multi-Tasking. We call ourselves “slashers” from documentary to production assistant even being a key grip. That’s when I realize that being in a production is never easy. But it’s worth the experience.

One unforgettable experience I had is when we were trekking our way back from the cave and I almost slipped down the cliff, if Macky had not accompanied me? I would have fallen and I might have not shared my experiences right now.

When I think about coffee? These guys always pop in my mind – Chico and Ramir. These guys are my instant coffee mates and my P.A.s too... (short for "personal alalay") well actually, we are each other's P.A.. They would make coffee for me and I’ll do the same for them. And man, they’re really a PRO when it comes to making coffee... it just taste so good.

The shoot usually ends up at 10 or 11 in the evening. We were so tired that sometimes we’d rather sleep than eat. But most times, Rjay and I would review the videos and would then ask me about it… and we would discuss a lot of things. His friend, Kenth, I never really pictured him as someone who jokes around, i pictured him as someone profound and serious. Karina and I were actually surprised that he is in fact capable of sharing funny stories and can indeed joke around. (and i find him smart too)

And Sherad? I admire him for his strong will and determination to finish the film. Unfavorable circumstance indeed occurred during the production period but hell, he was still able to bag the major awards (Best Picture, Best director, Best screenplay, and special award for citation of ensemble of actors) in the Cinema one film festival. What I most remember about him is when we went to Kidapawan for a courtesy call with Gov. Manny Piñol… along with Mike, Ate Joy, Eddie, And Bembol Roco. He would share about himself… and would joke around with us…and would again welcome me to the team.

Well those were the days... I am so thankful that Dax gave me the chance to work with these wonderful and highly skilled individuals. I kinda miss them. I guess, this is how it ends... my experience with the “Huling Balyan ng Buhi”.

( most photos in this post were captured by Mark Limbaga, the official photographer of the production)

Here is the trailer of The Huling Balyan ng Buhi... :