Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Your Life... Face It!!!

"its okay to rest... giving up is another thing"

Everyone is entitled to a life of its own… one’s success or failure does not depend on the people around him/her… but rather how he/she chose to live his/her life. “Life is what we make it,” such a cliché yet it mean so much.

One can make a move on an impulse and before you know it… it already changes a life. Perhaps it is right to say that every move one makes can either make or break its life. Indeed, coming up with decisions isn’t always easy like the usual days… sometimes, its hard to come up with one when you know a lot of things is at stake… you weigh things up over and over again… until you still cant come up with a right decision. So you weigh it up again. Perhaps, you really just have to make a decision now and get ready for the scenarios. Let those people who are meant to get hurt be hurt… let those people who are meant to get mad be mad… just let things be. In the end, things will fall to its place.

Face it… life is filled with imperfections… failures and hurts are part of it… just as success and joy also have their part. What works for someone may not work for another… one is different from the other. So you have to deal with it. Sometimes going beyond what is conventional can even put a direction to person’s life… (I’m not insinuating rebelliousness here…I’m just stating the reality of life.) Just because a son or daughter decided to leave home, it already makes him or her the ungrateful son or daughter… just because a person chose to live beyond the norm, it already make him or her less that of a person… just because a person is silent, it already makes him/or her a person without substance… just because a person finds it hard to have good diction, it already makes him/her dim-witted.

In this world… there will always be people who talks behind someone’s back… some would even throw insults right through someone’s face… there will be people who puts judgment on the things someone does who for them seem so unlikely.

It doesn’t matter how wrong you have been… it doesn’t matter how you have messed things up. What matters is you’ve learned from your mistakes and you’re willing to give your self the chance to make things right again… go on with your life… along the way… people may not approve the things you feel is worth the risk… just do your thing… stand your ground… never lose your character. Because when all the things around you seem to fail… it would not be so hard to get up again… because you know who you are.

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