Thursday, October 22, 2009

If You Have the Opportunity to SMILE, TAKE IT!

Hello guys.... I know its been a while but hey, I'm back with all smiles everyone. And so I'm saying... there are times that we fee gloomy right? I hate being gloomy coz it makes me feel old and grumpy... so as I said, if you have that chance where you can enjoy the moment and be happy grab it. Even how little is that time where you have to smile and dreamy. Because you know what? its when you had that little moment of happiness makes the moment so special and worth remembering :)

Well I'm not saying you hang on there in fantasy and not take reality at all. You can have that happiness without having to elope from you reality. How? Its called, trying different things once in a while, doing something different in a day that you rarely do or not do at all.

lets see... Today? Show some lovin' by pampering yourself.... lets see... how about a long shower? in that way you would feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to face the world! And seriously say... you would feel good about yourself that it attracts people and positive energies.

So if you wanna know what I'm babbling about here? get into that shower and lets see what happens. aryt? ciao people... till next post :)

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