Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cloud 9

After so many sleepless nights doing video editing stuffs, I finally had the chance to spend time with myself and pamper myself a little… filling up my energy tank for another more workload…Yes, I finally decided to engage myself in Video Editing… after web development… I’m so hooked up with video editing these days.

I still remember how frustrated I was few days ago… because I almost wasn’t able to present the video I was making because the computer I was using is not compiling due to low memory, good thing my friends, Coi and Fern was there to help me make things possible… and I would have not eaten the whole day if they had not found a way. (I’ll be doomed for life!!!) The project is very crucial for the office I’m working for… since it’s meant to be presented to the Australian Review Team for the evaluation of the company… I felt so lucky that time when I finally presented the video on TIME. (Whew… despite the hassles… time was still on my side…)

I am just so happy with the feedbacks that I’ve been hearing… my boss can’t even thank me enough… as well as those people I’ve worked with… Indeed its elating to have someone appreciate what you do… its been a while since someone took notice of my works… and it is just so inspiring that my sleepless nights indeed paid off.

* All SMILES =)

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