Monday, October 29, 2007


the sun is up...

and haven't really finished revising my script... oh well, few hours from now were on our way for our shoot. nyahaha. and the script isnt finished yet... duh...

FOCUS. i need to FOCUS as what Teng Mangansakan, also a Filmmaker, keeps on reminding fellow filmmakers for like a week now. LEARN rhon... LEARN.

As if really i have the choice not to finish the script huh? hmmm... i wonder whats taking me so long, when i only need to revise the scripts... and to think there are only few revisions.!!! grrr.... again it leads to FOCUS.

Okay... maybe i should sit back for a while and start to meditate... perhaps i need to refill my energy and creativity tank... to finish a good story... POSITIVITY? get in to me NOW.

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