Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Real Diet Tips to Get Fit

Since I am so serious about losing weight, i read about possible writeups that could help me lose weight and I háve discerned an information that I SHOULD NOT SKIP MEALS. yes it's okay to eat but just a little portion of everything. I guess that's the technique there don't deprive yourself of eating food you love but never eat more than you are required if you really want to lose weight.

And what's more? Eating 5-6 meals a day is encouraged than the regular 3-big-meals! This really surprised me but it's actually true.  It was said that eating 6-small-meals actually helps increase your metabolism as it burn 30% of your calorie intake everytime we eat. However, keep away from sugar most often as it is more likely to increase weight

Furthermore, when eating, take time to chew your food so that it's easy for your body to burn fats.

And lastly, go for water and fresh fruit juices instead of juices with artificial flavoring and soft drinks, as artificial sweets can make you gain weight. Additonally eating freash fruits and vegetables Is a good alternative for snacks.

And of course if you are really serious like me to really lose weight and really get slim, this could be a good start. But of course never forget to accompany this diet tips with exercise to get a slim and firm body. Brisk walking can be a great start :)

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