Thursday, July 22, 2010

Friendship Beyond Years and Distance

Today, I am feeling grateful to people have put up with me through the years. I just woke up today and decided that I want to write my heart out. LOL. Well I can’t believe how friends have actually stayed with me through all these years, despite the distance, and time constraints true friends are always who they are even after some time. People may change but your relationship with them stays, at least for some people who have seen the best and worst of me and yet still there for me. Thank you for being that friend I have always remembered you to be, despite the changes in our paths and environment, you chose to stay the same for me.
You know who you are, so I need not mention your names… since you know in your heart that you are a good friend to me. And for that I will continue to be a good friend and the best friend you can have. I LOVE YOU GUYS! No occasions, no events, just wanting to let you know that I appreciate everything you’ve done for me… you guys have touched my life in your own unique ways. And I’m glad that I had that chance to meet, know and be friends with you.

Thank you for the sensible advice and even the not sensible ones just to lighten up my mood. For the warmth of your embrace when the world seem so hard to trudge on, for crying with me when I felt so defeated that it  broke my heart for the special unique things we did together that always makes me smile everytime I remember, for sharing you passion with me and letting me realize that I am capable of doing extraordinary things that not most people can do and for the lessons you’ve taught me on this unique life experience, again, THANK YOU. No words can describe how you have painted colors in my life. All I know is that those colors whatever shades therein are one of the reasons why I strive to be better and do better although I fail too many times. Yet again, your friendship with me stays and I am accepted and seen not for my mistakes but because beneath that mistakes is the friend you have taken cared of since the time we met.

Don’t mind me guys I’m just happy to meet few good people in my life. And I shall continue to be a good friend to you. MARAMING SALAMAT. OM SHANTI.

And To all who have painted colors in my life... thank you.

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albert said...

i can't live without friends. They are one of the element I breathe..