Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Be Happy, Beat the Worry

Tips on keeping yourself from worrying too much and learning to embrace the goodness of life.

How about loosening up and just enjoy every moment of being alive? How about not giving in to worries but instead embrace the beauty of every challenge and every circumstances? Afterall, nothing stays the same forever right? So quit worrying and just live.

Stop worrying about what people think of you, keep this in mind: your business is not theirs as their business is not yours. So how people see you or think about you is none of your business, but it’s your business not to care about what they have to say. .. duh, you know yourself better than anyone else. 

Here are some simple tips you can do, to keep you from worrying too much:

·         Just do your thing.  Just do what you have to do and what you feel like doing, finish a task and do your best to finish a good quality output and let it go. Yes, let it go afterwards.

·         Go shopping. As for me, there are times when I get bored or I feel like I wanted to make myself happy or gift myself with something beautiful after arduous work or simply after feeling a bit down, I shop for something that can make me happy. It doesn’t have to be too expensive, I just wanted something new. Even buying a new book or an organizer, or a new pair of shoes or a sundress is enough. I just need something new. GO SHOP.
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·         Get pampered. Face it, there are times when we feel ugly, and mostly it happens when we worry. My advice? Get pampered. If you feel beautiful and confident, you wouldn’t give a room for worries.  A massage is a good way to relax, or go to a salon perhaps get a new hairstyle, or get a new color or just do whatever… or just have long hours of hot shower or enjoy your bubble bath. My point is, take a little pampering every now and then.

·         Meditate. Sometimes we worry because we are bombarded with so many things, we can’t focus because we wanted to do so much and we feel we don’t have enough time. This is one thing that really works for me every time. Have that moment of silence even for just ten (10) minutes a day, it would freshen you up. You feel calm and worry-free, and happy.

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·         Be spontaneous. It pays to be spontaneous at times, it gives you a new feeling of excitement and fun, because you are doing something new, or doing the things you have not done for a long time. And it fills up the happy tank so you radiate in happiness.  Have some coffee, or enjoy your green tea, or write poetry or just do whatever that can give a delight. I’m an ice cream monster, I am so delighted with Ice cream but since I have shifted to consider a healthy lifestyle, I am enjoying yoghurt ice cream – lately I am enjoying white hat and I love it plain actually. 

·         Take a Break. If you feel so burnout and wanted a new environment go ahead, suit yourself. I understand this completely, I can’t being in one place forever, I need to keep moving, I need to explore, I need something new every now and then… because that is my fire. It is what gives me inspiration to do my work and be productive. Traveling is a great way to be filled with new and good things. Sometimes I bring my work when traveling. Something not spontaneous anymore but it sure does give me a feeling of inspiration to work anywhere.

Okay it doesn’t matter how you go about beating that worrier in you. One thing for sure, worry keeps you from enjoying life. And it takes so much of your time, emotion, focus, in short, it’s not good to be friend with worry. It just makes you miserable and unproductive. And tell you what, life is too short to worry about little things, when you know there’s so much you can do and there’s so much you need to see and explore.

Be happy and quit worrying.

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