Sunday, December 4, 2011

Have some Green Tea

Feeling a bit down? Have some Green Tea. Instead of coffee its good to drink green tea at least twice a week to rejuvenate and feel relaxed. Compared to Coffee? Green Tea is much better as it is rich in flavonoids.

According to Douglas Balentine, Director of Nutrition Sciences in North America, in his presentation during the annual American Dietetic Association's Food and Nurtition Conference and Expo in 2005, while he discuss the benefits of flavonoids to our health, he said that "Several studies have found that drinking tea may be good for the heart due to power of flavonoid antioxidants which is found in tea" he also added that "drinking a cup of tea a day - hot or cold, black or green will nearly double their current intake of flavoinoid."

In addition to his research he also added that drinking green tea reguarly may help reduce chronic and degenerative diseases. Thus,to ensure optimal health tea should be included in a balanced diet accompanied with wide variety of fruits, vegetables and whole-grain product.

So what are you waiting for? Have some Tea and live healthy and happy everyday.

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