Monday, May 14, 2007

The "MarsoKwatro" of the DreamArtz Production

This happen to be my blog some months ago... December last year to be exact... i just thought of sharing it with you guys... :)

My experience with the DreamArts Production in making the film: "MarsoKwatro." from the pre-production to the production and even the post production... and the awards night :)

How we end up with the plot?

After more than a month of keeping’ ourselves busy for the shoot… were finally back to those regular days… I would definitely miss all of it… those sleepless nights just to finish every sequence… the on the spot script revisions… those unending discussions… those unexpected circumstances… those conflicts regarding the story… and the fun of actually doing the film…. Surely I will miss those passionate people behind the film: “MarsoKwatro”

I remember… Nae, Coi and I… were having dinner together… and the idea of joining the Mindanao Film Festival again this year opened another discussion for us… only this time were eyeing for the Short Film competition… then ideas were already coming out… then the thought of prostitution as a plot were given into consideration… but later that week it was changed into quite large plot – the Davao airport bombing… I was thrilled with the idea… and at the same time, hesitant knowing that it would cause us large amount of cash to make the film possible… but the idea of merely coming up with something worth the time is so tempting… so to sum it all up… we ended up with the Davao Airport Bombing Plot. The idea there is to be able to come with a film for Davao...

And that incident of March 4 bombing is something that the Davaeños have experienced. The film is not made just to make the movie… it is not made just for the award… this is our way of doing our part.

Personally, what inspired me to write the screenplay of the film is the experience of my friend, who lost a member of her family because of that tragic event in the Davao Airport.

I was there when the family suffered from the lost of that family member. I saw their pain and felt it as well. I saw how the family was crippled by the pain of losing that special person in their lives. How they tried to go on with life positively despite the very painful incident that took place.

I know that, just like my friend. the victims' families also experienced what my friend and her family has gone through.

* here is the trailer of our film Marso Kwatro:

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Lilas Conuts said...

Hello from Nouméa
You are so lucky to be able to shoot a film
Great work