Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Other Side of Her...

She went away with a strong conviction of making it on her own… along the way, sometimes things turn out well but at most times it doesn’t.

Still, she portrayed that strong character… pretended to be hard… just so to show that she’ll stand her ground no matter what it is she needs to pass through. Perhaps she was able to convince people that she is indeed doing well.

But in her room, when nobody’s there… the moment she is alone… she is shedding a tear. Right there, one would realize that she is not at all that strong.

One may have a notion of her being tough, but dare to look in the depth of her eyes and one would see… she is also human. She has a heart… and it also hurts. Like most people, she also wish someone would be there to give her solace when she is in great pain… she also wished for that someone who would understand and accept the person that she was and the person that she is now.

She sometimes gets tired of wearing a mask… also gets tired of the fast paced world… that she sometimes wished to go back to where, things were not so complicated.

She has to remain tough; she has to keep up with what life has to offer. She knows she can never go back to the way things were. All the tears shed in her room, would remain in that corner forever. This is the reality she has to face.

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