Monday, November 5, 2007

Real Situation...

While everybody else were so hooked up with the non-ending ERAP's pardon... Arroyo-De Venecia over ZTE deal... my world stopped at a certain community where my eyes were opened to the real situation of ordinary people who actually needs the attention.

And so I thought... why are those people making a fuss about their leadership, when if they only look to communities in rural areas, they'd know how to evaluate themselves as leaders. They talk about how the economy has improved... and yet if you look on to these rural areas? All you see is a complete picture of POVERTY.

In my One week stay in the Saniag Community of Ampatuan, Cotabato... i figured that these people need education... they have a school building, but lack the materials for education... lack teachers... I even thought that not wearing slippers is part of their culture but truth? They just cant afford to buy even a pair of slippers.

One might say... people in the rural areas live a simple life... well how do you define simplicity? as far as I know... simple living... is having contentment in little things... but doesn't have to deprive himself of things that is necessary.

Well if those people wanted to be quoted as a GOOD LEADER, may I suggest, LOOK UNTO THE REAL SITUATION OF ORDINARY PEOPLE.

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Dannica Nicole said...

how sad naman... dpat mao jud na pagtuonan ug pansin sa gov't.. sayang, i wasn't able to go there with u guys... you know na why...hay.. missed the time when we we're filming... nice blog rhon... keep it up.. =) apil ko sa link nimo buh...