Thursday, November 8, 2007

Zhang Yimou

I never watched Zhang Yimou's films until early last year of 2006, the first movie I watched, starred, Zhang Ziyi... "The Road Home." Honestly, at first I don't find the movie very interesting... but as the story progressed, i find it to be appealing.

Actually, The Road Home, is just a simple story about a girl from the countryside who fells in love with an educator. The story shows how the girl tries to win her man... it was a simple story... but I find it interesting, through a very artistic and traditional work of art at the same time..

So far, I have watched 3 films of Yimou... and each has its own style in visual storytelling no matter how simple a story can get... "The Road Home, Not One Less, and Curse of the Golden Flower".

I've been wanting to watch more of Zhang Yimou's films... he always have artistic details in his films that reveals the identity of the film.

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Dannica Nicole said...

I can still remember watching those movies of Zhang Yimou's with you and karina here at home... missed those times when we were watching movies til dawn... hehehe...