Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Invisible Victims

I was browsing the Philippine Daily Inquirer Newspaper, I was looking for the Young blood entry that day... when a "They Said" column caught my eye, it says:

Invisible Victims

"Hardly have we built our hut when we have to move again, and sometimes we go back to our old huts and rebuild them and then we have to abandon them and flee again. And we begin to ask: Why, why, why? Why are we invisible to the rest of the World? Does the world outside ever care about us?"
-Magdalena Suhat, a member of a Minority group in Mindanaothat has been displaced many times by armed conflict.

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer, November 5 Issue, Opinions Section

We are blessed that we don't have to go through the same situation as these people... we can sleep soundly at night without worrying that a bomb is being dropped on our ceiling... I wish there is something that could be done... to end their plight... and don't just rely on the immediate aid but to really work on something that will finally free them from all these conflicts.. :(

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