Saturday, September 24, 2011

Moving Forward, It's Everyday Happy

It's Everyday Happy... let's juice up! :)

Welcome to Everyday Happy

Sometimes, I am really crazy; I do things in an impulse. One moment I am okay with things and the next thing you know I just turned the entire house around. But it doesn’t really happen much often. It only happens when I seem to want to change things.

And so today, that spontaneous moment hit me once again, and I basically changed everything about my old blog and reinvent it into something new. I got tired of “red” the color, the notion, etc. I suddenly wanted to try a whole new environment.

Funny that by wanting to change things, I end up changing most of the things I used to do. Two days ago, I was up for cleaning up the closet of my life, I finally reached that part where I decide for healing and starting all over. I let go of my addiction over things that really needs to be out of my life and as they say – out of sight, out of mind. True enough, things are lighter.

And so welcome to the whole new blog: It’s Everyday Happy… so it’s going to be a site full of optimism, encouragement and creative ideas. I am just excited about this whole thing. It’s kinda amazing to think that prior to this change, things seem so silent and challenging, although challenges are inevitable, it’s much easier now, perhaps it’s because of the new perspective… that “winning-over-negativity” thing.

So friends, welcome to the whole new Redhead Blog, from this day onward, it’s all about Everyday Happy! Let’s start juicing up! 

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