Friday, December 7, 2007

Another Case of Child Suicide

I was watching local news earlier this afternoon, after Marianette Amper, another child, a Grade three student commits suicide again. I'm just really alarmed by the way kids are taking the situation these days... SUICIDE is really not something for children... they are meant to play, study and live life the way they should.

Marianette Amper's
death made a big issue in the country... and what scares me now is that, children may have a wrong interpretation about her death that they think suicide is a heroic act. Of course, investigation about her death is still ongoing. But my concern now is not about Marianette Amper's death... but the effect of the news of her death on our kids.

Its in the media... they hear about her almost everyday, and kids may have this notion that if they kill themselves, they would be heard... and that grown ups would finally pay attention to them, just in the case of marianette.

Parents, we really need to take extra attention to our kids when it comes to media... media is not always good. How do we prevent this from happening? COMMUNICATION. Listen to your kids... know how they really feel. Have quality time with them... in that way they would feel that they are loved. In disciplining... talk to them in firm but understandable manner.

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