Tuesday, December 18, 2007

All These... In a Day =)

Hmmm... wanna know what I did today? I had a great time with my Brother, Vhon, Ayyi and Little Mac... actually my day started doing my laundry... ate breakfast at 10 in the morning... took a bath... getting ready to leave.

My Bro and I got bored that we decided to grab some burger and fries... along the way we talk about future plans... his new business and some bills we need to pay.. and talking about it? I still have to pay my own bills... this is what I get for workin' so HARD... (kidding)... finally we arrived at the burger house... so we talk about so many things... been a while really that we bonded as siblings... so we decided to watch a movie: "gameplan" It's a nice movie... its the conventional type of a flick though... but its kinda funny... :) right after the movie... I dropped by the Bookstore to check on some books, I haven't bought any books in 6 months now... I used to buy books every two months... hmmm... I have been looking for a great gift for myself and I feel like I need a new book... so I searched on the pile of books and my eyes caught Ricky Lee's "Road to Quiapo"... I read a portion of it during our Film Directing Workshop with Film Director and Critic, Nick De Ocampo last October and I find it useful in my filmmaking career (as if!?!) and I saw another book again... entitled: "The Tao of Writing" I like the book so much, it gives good ideas. Hmm... I wanna buy both! I'm about to grab the two book when I figured, I didn't bring enough cash!?! So Smart of me!?! I have to come back some other time and buy those books for myself... (Yeah, like I have a choice?) So I decided to go to the editing shop and met up with Little Mac and Ayyi... there I waited for the two and we went to dinner together... and so Little Mac went on with his jokes on me again... after dinner Little Mac and I headed for the shop while Ayyi went her way to the coffee shop and have coffee with friends... along the way Little Mac and I agreed to buy an Ice Cream so we passed by the convenience store and bought 2 pint of ice creams. (YUM!!!) Hmmm... too bad, my friend Dura isn't around we could have had pizza plus ice cream... her treat!!! (giggles)

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