Saturday, December 15, 2007

A One Whole Day of REST

Finally, I was able to sit and have time for my blog once again... hmmm... been really busy for the past days... I spent my entire week researching and writing articles for the office publication... as well as doing the layout of the said pub and updating the IIPE website. Finally, I'm almost done with the layouts.

I'm just glad that I finally had the time to breathe... and really relax for just one day... tomorrow I'll be updating my own business site, my developer have been asking me for the site content for like a month now, good thing I have the time to finally finish it. :)

My schedule have been quite hectic for the past months... doing researches, scripts, business proposals, clients, shoots, video coverages, event planning, layouts... wow, do I own the world? (laughs)

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