Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Feel Christmas

taken in one of my travels...

A few more days to go and its Christmas... over the dinner earlier... Little Mac, Ayyi and I can't help but discuss about Christmas this year...

ME: Ilang days na lang, Christmas na pala... can't feel it.
AYYI: Yeah, ako rin. .seems like ordinary days.
LITTLEMAC: Even nga mga bata ngayon, don't seem to feel Christmas. Iba talaga noon.

I guess Little Mac is right... things are really different now... and sometimes I feel guilty not having to feel Christmas while everybody else is so busy preparing for this important season of the year... people seem to be so nice and so warm... so kind... and yet, I feel so ordinary... nothing seems to be special... I didn't even buy gifts for anyone this year (except for the office party by the way).

Maybe I need to do something special this year to feel the Spirit of Christmas... not so grand but a simple and special thing to do... "GIVE", I really want to feel inspired, as what Bo Sanchez once quoted in one of his books... If you want to be happy, GIVE. I wanna do it differently this year... I know there is always something I can share, even if I only have enough... so this time I'm sharing my gifts to those who really needs it... they are very dear to my heart... the Kids I've come to know in one of my travels... people with colorful lives... they remind me how blessed I am.

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