Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cannibad: The Secret Paradise

photo by Coicoi Nacario

The Micromedia Productions finally found the time for a beach outing... kinda overdue outing that is. Were supposed to stay in Isla Reta, but due an unfavorable circumstance, we ended up in Cannibad Island instead.

Going to the place is such a challenge... 30minutes is spent on a boat... another 45minutes on a cab trudging on a rough and bulky road... and just when you thought you have arrived? You'd realize that you still need to trek down a kinda narrow trail to finally step into that white sand...(whew!)

At last, I finally witnessed, what my friends have been bragging about... its actually not well renovated kind of resort, as a matter of fact, it is not really well developed. But what brought the people to the place without having to think of the quite arduous travel? It's the simplicity itself. A perfect place for reflection and just feeling the moment... the simplicity of the place that makes a person feel at peace.

It is a good place to remember how its like to be content of what is in the moment, and still feel joyful even how simple things can be. A perfect moment to realize that beautiful things can be found in simple moments.

I call it the Virgin Island, because of its natural beauty really amazed me... there is no electricity in the place, so you need to make use of sulo (gas lamp) for a light. But what's so good about that moment is that you realize how bright stars shines that it can serve as a light in the night... so bright that its rays reflects on the body of water. Another thing that made me in so much awe is that there are still fireflies on the place, I don't normally see that in the city because of so much pollution... looking at them feels like I'm in Paradise.

And at the break of dawn? It seems like I'm staring at a big and beautiful painting... so lovely that I can't seem to take my eyes off that sky.

Ironic that I can feel scared and excited at the same time... I cant seem to keep my thoughts from wandering away... exploring ideas the place is feeding me... A place indeed so wonderful... so lovely... so peaceful.

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