Friday, February 6, 2009


I was checking on friendster, when i happen to run over a friend's bulletin post, we hadnt seen each other for a time... my comment? what happened to you dude?

"i think there is a very strong need for me to clean my emotional house today. i need to toss out things that are keeping me from moving forward. If i am still nursing a heartache, that's one thing -- but if i am still wallowing in my self pity or pain, then that's quite another. maybe i should Let go the past and focus on my dreams for the future. i think i have been carrying this pain for too long. The fact is, i am the one who can decide to be happy or decide to be sad. Which will it be?"

Hmmm... just don't understand... you do know what to do...only you're stubborn. Move on if you really want to. You said it yourself, you have been carrying that load for a time... dont you think its about time that you unload it?

THE THING IS: No one can decide for you... no one can help you unless you help yourself. Accept the things that had happen and go on. Coz you know what? the only thing that can help you move on is your DECISION to ACCEPT what has been done. That's the only way you can start anew. STOP BROODING OVER THE PAST. You owe that t yourself.

I just hope you decide on to the better solution... its all up to you... all you have to do is to DECIDE... DECIDE NOW and DECIDE FAST.


Miah Laborte said...

towengwengweng... and i thought that message was for me... nyahahaha...

exquisiteworld said...

tinamaan ka miah.. well it's actually true, kung baga if you have sinned ask for forgiveness and at the same time forgive yourself.. kasi you cannot move on until you can't let go of your guilts even if forgiven ka na.. :-)

Miah Laborte said...

hahahaha.. mejo naigo... i thought for me... ka kinsa kaha nah? hhmm..? ga-post post pa daw ko ana sakoa blog. hahahaha..

Miah Laborte said...

Add my blogs sha...

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Thanks in Advance... Added na baya ka tanan diha wehehehe... :)