Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Who Am I?

Image source: http://www.pathwaysnetwork.co.uk/images/bkwsu.jpg

Who am I? Is it enough to say my name? Or say that I am a woman? How about saying who my parents are? Or maybe the kind of job that I have? Or the usual things I do? Does all of these determines who I'm really am?

My name does not determine who I am. I am not just a woman, nor does my clothes reveal my real identity, not even with the occupation that I have, or the religion that I have. My body does not reveal who I am really.

In this world, we all play a role. I am an actor playing a role in the drama of the world... I am the master of my body, I am the power within my body just as you are with yours...

Am a Soul... that is my spiritual identity. My body is the instrument of my being. Who am I? I am a SOUL.


cathara said...

and i am the director of my own movie. difference is, theres no cuts and retakes, everything rolls forward.;-)

and as a blogger, were not even half of what we write.:-P

Julie Ann said...

nice one! :)