Monday, February 9, 2009

A Taste of Delectable Turkish Cuisine

Last time, I posted about my commercial experience with Hof Gorei Beach Resort… This time, I’ll be posting about another commercial experience with the Turquoise Turkish Restaurant.

When you enter the restaurant, you would definitely notice the interior and some stuff that is brought all the way from Turkey such as the miniature of famous people and also some stuff that would remind you of the place.

As my VJ is getting ready for her outfit and make ups… My cameraman and I discussed about what shots I want to have… and as we agreed, we set up the cam and were ready for the shoot.

It actually took us 4 hours to actually finish the entire shoot… not to mention the bloopers on the set (lol). After the commercial, we had the chance to taste their specialty… and man? It is delectable…



exquisiteworld said...

Shang! again.. congratulations to you.. another big break huh.. you've gone too far.. If you are proud of me.. I am more proud of you.. hope to see you again soon and talk about your achievements.. Go girl!!!

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ester's money journal said...

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