Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Good Life

When everything around me seem so vast, I usually find myself losing track of what is important, and ending up not knowing what to do… right there, I know I am in desperate need for simplicity.

One person always remind me of how wonderful simplicity is… A friend I never expected to stick around when things around me seem to fail. He was the one who introduced me to “having pleasure with little things.” The Little things that I once never appreciated because I thought of success as wanting more and having more, without thinking that little things make up the big things. But through him, I learned that success could also mean contentment.

He is an image of a friend with a genuine heart… thank you… for just being there. :)


idealpinkrose said...

hi sis, i've got something for you in my blog. you can view it here.

btw, pwedeng paki add din sis ang food blog ko? add ko rin ang link mo doon. thanks in advance from allinkorea.

digital_cjoy said...

Hala... naa pud diay ana sa imong life... me too.... :D nwe, kanus-a man ta magkita?