Monday, February 4, 2008

Sow What You Reap

When I look around my atmosphere… different faces of veracity is served before me… different faces of logic hits me as I try to dig deeper in the actuality of things.

Why is a country richer than the other? How come an offender gets away with transgression, while there are some bent down by humiliation cannot be looked at beyond the disgrace? How come, those who work hard on something don’t get the chance and those who do shortcuts often get the commendation?

They said in a rat race, only the smartest, the fastest and the fittest wins the game. With this thought, one can say that only the smart and wise owns the world.

Experience taught me that working hard is useless without working smart… but experience also teaches me how success can be useless when nothing within you smiles.

Does really outsmarting another makes one a winner? My family taught me the value of “sowing and reaping…” and somehow I grew up with it. I believe that the world gives you back what you set out… love begets love… trust begets trust… respect begets respect… it is always something for something. If one gives away distrust and injustice… he gets it back a couple of times more… we get what we deserve.

All of this, still sums up to the Golden Rule: “Do unto others, what you want others do unto you.”

Life isn’t winning all the time… nor does one have to outsmart everyone to win. Its all about winning together through reaching out…

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