Thursday, February 14, 2008

On a Hearts Day

As I woke up this morning, I instantly grabbed my phone, as part of my daily routine. Alas, as expected, my inbox is filled unread messages of love and the entire day was indeed messages of sweet thoughts on love. Hmmm… people are so into love today… me? I find it to be the usual days… well what do you know, sometimes, you can’t be a love junkie on the day intended for the hearts. :)

My day continued with meeting up with my sister. I kinda planned not to work today… I intend to pamper myself… seems like I’m into love after all, only I’m more in love with myself… (Don’t we all? tsk tsk tsk). I went on to the salon and had my hair done. Right after my hair makeover, I feel the need to feed my brain. (tsk tsk) so I headed on to the bookstore to find myself a book, only to find out that the book I’m looking for is not available… (so lucky!!! Grrr) Oh well, not having that book will not derail from enjoying my day :)

For my appetite, my sister and I ended up in pizza hut, as I was craving for pizza (yum yum yum) sadly, my sister seem to forget that I happen to be a vegetarian… so I have to take away those meat toppings of my pizza… but hey… pizza still so damn delicious...(all smiles).

Finally, I done it the first time… not going out with someone of the male species on the hearts day… and it was still pretty fine. (lol) I just realized… you can really have fun… even maybe if you only have yourself as your own company… hehehe I did!

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cathara said...

yeah..but everyday should be valentines day!!!

anyway, youve been tagged and awarded here...