Friday, February 1, 2008

Howdy Friends!!! :)

Hi guys, I haven't been really updating my blog for a couple of days now... well, been really busy with work lately plus I'm still adjusting to the changes taking place in my life. Oh well, here are some update going on in my life at the moment. :)

Well I am actually hanging out with Ayyi and Lucky right now, discussing about almost anything... love, life, family,responsibilities and careers. After office today, Ayyi and I went to Damosa Gateway and grab some pasta and pizza... well lucky arrived after a while, and we were discussing about life and our perspective about it.

After dinner, we transferred at Fagioli to have some tea, well good thing I brought my laptop with me... I got myself a programming offer... tempting but I have to check it out first... do i still have time for it? considering that I am managing two websites and still working on my script for the film we are coming up this year plus write ups for the publication... wheew... Now you understand, why I find it hard to update my blog... (laughs). But hey, I will really really really try to get in touch with you guys... perhaps in the evening after work just like what I'm doing now.

I guess that's all for now... :) thank you guys for dropping by my site... I will be checking on your site in a while :) Please feel free to leave a comment... I am so excited to read it :) hehehe nice evening :)


Ria Jose said...

HEY! My cousins and friends were also at Fagioli when you were there. We were kinda spying on you coz we thought you were a certain famous anonymous Davao blogger. LOL! Sorry for our creepy acts.

Anyway, I hope to hear more from you through the blogosphere. You might even want to join us as we try out restos here in the city. Check out for more info. :)

rhon said...

Lol!!! hmmm... Fagioli has been our favorite place to hangout since its near my place... anyway... food trip? hmm love food trip :p thanks for droppin ria :)

rhon ==>redheadspeaks

illlaaa said...

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