Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Night filled with Unexpectedly Wonderful Things

Even until today, I cant seem to get used to the fact that things really happen when you least expect it to... So much had happen last night that Its not everyday that I feel so proud and special at the same time.. hahaha... amazing that people you hardly know can turn out to be people you end up admiring for their kind and very appreciative hearts. I am just so elated with their way of showing their appreciation of what I did. And its like in an instant I just found myself having a connection with these people that I look up to in terms of dealing with others. People with a very wonderful soul.

Aside from these people who showed their gratitude to me, I am also blessed that people I had conflict with sometime in the past, became friends that I could smile with. I never really thought that I could even exchange smiles with these people because of the circumstance we come across with, but hell just that simple "Hello" and a genuine smile made the difference, and things are patched up again.

I am aware that people, especially those that we value can't be there for us sometimes... there will be times that they have to stray far from us, but I do know that friendship are kept... friendship that is just beyond compare... I had the chance to hear the voice of a friend, a very special one... over the phone last night... it was the first that I heard the person's voice after so many months... and that's when I figured that things have really changed but, what is so remarkable is that... real friendship lasts... and its beyond distance and beyond time.

These are just one of the great things that is just so memorable.. it really touched my heart. :)

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