Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Five Reasons Why I LOVE BOHOL :)

Hmmm... I love Bohol... and there could be hundreds of reason why I love the place... but I think its better to simplify it to only 5 reasons.. :)

  • BOHOL is one of the nominees in the SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD. Hmmm... isn't it a reason enough to have a taste of BOHOL? tsk tsk :) -- a lot of tourist abroad comes to bohol and get to see its beauty... so why not have a taste of bohol?
  • I get to visit the very inviting FLOATING RESTAURANT of the LOBOC RIVER. (The Place where John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo with Sam Milby had a shoot on ) a very nice place... and THE FOOD? "deliciouso" (delicious) -- Prawns, chicken, Barbecues and the list goes on!
a remarkable performer with its instant fansloboc river at night
  • THE CHOCOLATE HILLS -- a very nice view of the chocolate hills. It was a very nice experience... Finally, I've seen it up close and really, its so amazing that it doesnt have that chocolatey color when you get to have a closer view. :) AMAZING isn't it?
up close in Bohol... Chocolate Hills
  • THE TARSIER -- yes the ENDANGERED TARSIER... Guys, these creatures may be weird looking? but hey, they are so cutie and so gentle... only, when you get to have that moment with TARSIERS? DO NOT TOUCH them and PUT OFF THE FLASHES FROM YOUR CAMERA. -- it is said that once you touch them they DIE. (and we don't want that. right??)
an endangered specie... Tarsier
  • THE PEOPLE -- yes, the people here are so hospitable and very accommodating. They would even let you in to their humble home... even if you are a complete stranger. No kidding guys. ITS TRUE. I even gained a friend after I visited BOHOL... her name is ROSE.

Now you know why I LOVE BOHOL? ITS the complete package... the experience... the adventure... the fun.... the friends... the place... the people... EVERYTHING! :)

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