Friday, March 6, 2009

Commercial: The Hof Gorei Resort Commercial Experience

My experience during the Hof Gorei Commercial Shoot was indeed a great deal of experience… I don’t know, but I don’t find video production work as a work so to speak but instead, a way of having fun? Find it weird? (laughs)

This is actually my first time to direct a commercial and man, though pressure gets into me sometimes? It also gives me an adrenaline rush… wanting to conquer the moment.

My day started at 6am where I was getting ready for an eight am call time at the Wharf going to Samal Island where the boat of the resort is set to pick us up at the exact time. And me directing went on the entire day… it was so fun… its really a great experience that one shouldn’t miss.

The resort is great place to relax and the rooms and cottages are really nice and a place for comfort… it has rustic native design that gives you a relaxing ambiance. And the view from the top of the guesthouse overlooks the entire resort and the sea.

shooting for the spills on the way to the resort

meet my beautiful VJ and Best Friend, KAT :)

taking a break after the spills

on with the shoot...


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