Thursday, March 5, 2009

love ventures

So ironic that circumstance can excite us and make us sad at the same time. Its like, you are happy with what’s taking place, but you know, it could mean having to let go of something that also matters to you.
Right now, it’s really a mixed emotion for me. My boyfriend just got a new job… and I am really so happy for him… In fact, I am even proud of him. But along with my being happy is an upcoming loneliness. His job requires him to be thousands of miles away from each other… and boy, I don’t know if it would work out, I really hope it does…
I can’t be selfish and tell him not to go because I believe he deserves to prove something for himself… I mean this is something that would define his being, why would I hold him back? The only thing I know now is to believe that he is making something out of himself… and whatever his decisions will be… I will be happy for him.
* Boss, wish you all the best in your new path… things may change along the way, still I’m happy and proud that you finally made a step higher… you have my support.

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