Friday, January 9, 2009

My P.O.V.

After 2 months, I finally finished reading the book of Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s “Bad Childhood – Good Life” (the longest time I’ve ever read a book, by the way). For some reasons, I wasn’t so comfortable reading the book, it kinda bring a pang of pain. And I’m not actually the type who wants to go back to the scenarios and relive the animosity again. At first, reading the book is such a dilemma… since there were some insights in the book that seemed to be paradoxical in the way I’m used to deal with people and life itself. So I put the book down and stopped reading it for a week… only to pick it up again eager to know where the book is driving at.

Though some points in the book seem to be contradictory to what I believed in… there are also points that are indeed rightful and helpful in making a life better. Indeed, it is really a matter of choice. Like choosing to stay in the comfort zone, and linger on to what you are used to… or staying out of it and choose to welcome growth.

At some point, the book has inspired me in looking at life… making decisions… and what I want out of it. I have always wanted to be independent, and my being independent gave me the opportunity to grow, along with that learning is the realization that being independent doesn’t mean being alone. That family will always be family and it is meant to be celebrated all the time. And I learned to appreciate the things life has offered me. And value the people who have shown kindness and love… people that I sometimes neglect… family.

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