Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Moment

"Count your Blessings... face life with gratitude"

Sometimes, when we feel entirely depressed about the situation we are in, we try to hold on to it a little longer, thinking it would somehow ease the pain. And in times like this, it is indeed so hard to look at things with a spark in our eyes when you feel your heart is deeply mourning...

But what we somehow neglect, is that even those moments when we are in pain, is a blessing. It may be hard to understand when we are in a hurtful situation... but as the moment fades, you'll then realize that it is a great blessing indeed. It is in this moment when we feel pain that we are given the chance to have a thorough reflection... both mind and heart. A moment, when we learn the lesson of humility and endurance... a perfect moment to understand those people who have also been experiencing pain... a perfect moment to reach out to those people who is in dire need for company... as they said, "who is more to understand someone in pain, than that who also experience the same way".

I myself couldn't look at things with gratitude sometimes when I feel really bad... and all I want is to pamper that hurt by locking myself in my room and cry it out thinking it would do me good. Sometimes, it does it help, but crying it out over and over again is like running in circles and not moving on.

I had that moment of pain... and it took me a while to realize that I am just finding an excuse to face the real situation of the matter... and the only way that helped me get through the dilemma of getting out of the comfort zone, is a moment spent with isolation and a prayer. A way of clearing my mind and heart of the negative emotions and thoughts running over me... also a moment to grasp good thoughts through prayers...

This day is indeed important to me... because I am looking beyond my "thinking only of myself" and think about the other who needs me the most.

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cathara said...

thats true. sometimes it makes me feel good to just be thankful for the bad moment.
let me share something, there is this one boy i know who's about 12year old then. i remember him praying out loud though crying.''thank god she got mad at me, it was somehow my fault, if it was not because of what happened earlier, i wouldnt be learning a lesson in life.''
life isnt fair, but theres always good things in bad things. its sometimes about standing again inspite of. we sometimes need to refrain from complaining and just be thankful.