Tuesday, January 20, 2009

redhead on: Finding My Dwelling

Why do I feel this way? I took a deep breath and yet I still chase for more air… I don’t want to think about anything but something inside me wants to remember something, or perhaps wants me to welcome something. Whatever it is? I have no idea… it could be something totally new, or something that brings familiarity, or even something challenging.

The question is… am I even ready for anything right now? Am I ready for these changes?

I heard someone said, “You have to be ready to embrace whatever comes along… be adaptable.”

It pays to be adaptable. I am aware of that. Its just that this is one of those moments when I feel so scared about things… like those moments when I needed strong words that will help me fill my confidence tank that will somehow give me enough strength to handle what comes along and handle it wisely.

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