Friday, January 2, 2009

Sour Lemon... Sweet Lemonade...

One can choose to whine about how sour can a lemon be, how one's face pucker because of it, and yet continue to taste that sour lemon because that's the way it has always been… instead of making a fuss about that lemon who would always be sour? One can choose to simply find another way of enjoying that lemon... squeezing the juice perhaps... add sugar... makes lemonade.

It’s not about how sour the lemon is. It’s about how one deal with it and makes use of the sour lemon. It’s like staying out of the comfort zone… staying out of what it has always been… if one knows that it hurts, one can always find a way to transform that hurt into something better. Why linger on something not rewarding when one can move on to something more worthwhile?
Everybody hurts… but one does not have to keep on hurting just because the person is already consumed by it. Everybody has that sour lemon… but one can always make lemonade out of that sour lemon. It’s a matter of deciding and deciding fast.

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