Friday, April 18, 2008

Food Trip with Good Friends at Torquoise Turkish Restaurant

I had a great time with friends, French, Maricel and Harold today… we have planned the food trip 3 days ago and everybody was just so excited.

Harold fetched me at my place at 3 in the afternoon. He was with his brother Jan… we dropped him off to work while Harold and I headed to SM City Davao where French is waiting at the Torquoise Turkish Restaurant, fronting the National bookstore. Its not really my first time to eat at the restaurant coz we had our share sometime in the past with Kat and French… was just so excited because it was Harold’s first time to have a taste of their exciting cuisines.

French had his taste of Adana Kebap in wraps, while I also ordered one for myself, and have Harold taste the Chicken Shish in wraps… a moment later, Maricel, French’s special friend arrived.

Adana Kebap really kinda spicy but it does taste really good… especially when you topped it with the vegetables and yummy garlic sauce, while Harold and I were enjoying our meals, I chatted with Maricel, and her interest for books… It was actually my first time to meet her and boy, she is smart. She loves to read best seller books… and we actually shared same interest in Bo Sanchez’ works… (One of my favorite authors)

As we were enjoying each other’s company, French and I decided to order a dessert and we decided to order Yogurt Mango Float. Was smiling coz Harold seems to find the taste to be weird. It actually tastes sweet and sour at the same time plus a taste of mango… can’t blame him though, he’s not really very fond of yogurt.

And we really can’t get enough of this food trip so, we ordered one more dish… the Pilaki… its actually made of beans, and herbs… and it taste real fine.

And Lastly, the Ayran, the Turkish traditional healthy drink… tastes weird but good… you can actually have it sweet or salty depending on your taste buds… well Turkish peeps want it salty… as what the manager, Ishmael once said.

Wow, I really had fun and boy… you must try it… really good… J

After the food trip… Harold and I went to Kuya Mac’s editing shop to get my pc… and head back home. He helped me setup my pc… and headed home

*French, Thank you for the treat… I really enjoyed the food… till next time.

*Maricel, its nice meeting you… hope we could chat again next time, and talk more about our favorite books…

*Harold, thank you for fetching me up, and have me company throughout the day, you’re still the best… next time around okay?

the Adana Kabab in wraps

inside the Turquoise Turkish Restaurant


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