Thursday, April 17, 2008

redhead on: The National Earth Day

I was on my way to Marco Polo Hotel for the launching of the commercial I directed, when I found myself stuck in heavy traffic. Good thing though I’m an hour early, I wouldn’t have to worry about getting late. (whew).

I wondered what was the traffic about, when seldom do I encounter Traffic in Davao. Then I figured, it was all because of the National Earth Day and a parade is about to start to promote a clean and green environment

Talkin’ about a clean and green environment? How do we keep it clean? How can we do a way with global warming? What are the necessary steps to be taken?

My dad works at the DENR XI, somehow, I grew up with dad telling me about being responsible for my wastes. He tells me about waste management and the ecosystem which he actually brought a map to show me all about the ecosystem. During my younger years, he would bring me along with him for a coastal cleanup along with his officemates, to somehow make me understand the importance of taking care of my surroundings.

I am lucky that I was given that kind of exposure, somehow, I happen to bring it along with me in everywhere I go, to dispose my waste properly. Based on the scenarios I have observed over the years is that majority lack proper knowledge in dealing with the environment. Some are even careless of the effect of their improper disposal of their wastes. Not realizing that by just merely an improper waste disposal creates a chain of negative effects.

Take for one, global warming? What causes global warming? And what are the effects it gives us?

There are different kinds of people in the world, different ways of learning, different ways of teaching… perhaps; we should consider a way on how to educate people according to their status.


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