Sunday, April 20, 2008

Missing our Moi-Moi :)

I had the opportunity to talk to my moi-moi just now…. And I realized how much I missed her after finally hearing her voice. And so Ironic that we have so many things that we want to tell each other and yet we still end up grasping for words to share… and so I decided to allocate a portion of my blog to my ex-room mate, dear friend, a family, who made a great contribution in my life… here it goes.

As a room mate, like me, she is so sleepy head. Well actually, because of filmmaking, we seldom have enough sleep because we get to shoot til dawn, and both have to get ready for work and school in the morning… she goes to school… I go to work.

I admire her for her enthusiasm… man she really lighten up my mood specially in my gloomy days… she is a friend worth keeping… that sunny disposition and she even has her own vocabularies and terms that is completely funny… “Have a sitting down” and the likes… she is smart, loving and is my source of inspiration… a friend when I have nothing and when I have so much.

Were actually distance apart at the moment… and she’s doing well in her new career and I am so proud of her… she deserves it… she has a good heart and strong soul. I missed her… I hope well have a chance to talk again.

*Congratulations on your film mona... :) (she made a film for kontra agos film fest: "A step for My Dreams"



Walk Through Money Online Journal. said...

you mean you're an actress?... Fits on you, you're pretty..
Hi Ron Passing by

Anonymous said...

Mona a.k.a Moi-Moi: wehehee I wanna cry na.. Don't know how to express my gratitude for this blog. Same here Xang, I'm missing you all too, everyday I'm thinking and wanted to see you all and hang-out like our old days.. Fate may change our lives but hopefully we will not change (sana di rin ako magbago). Im so grateful that I have found a true friends like you. No matter what we'll be friends forever, it was already been tested and proven.

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