Saturday, April 19, 2008

Friendship Once Lost now Found

It really amazes me how things happen the way they do… how moments seem to unexpectedly take place. Sometimes, things can be so awkward that it took me a while to comprehend and cope up with it… but sometimes things can be so elating that you just can’t seem to express how happy you can get with the way it turns out.

Just recently, I just had a very unforgettable and lifting experience; I really never thought it could happen, but boy? It did.

I was able to reunite with my childhood bestfriend after 15 years of not able communicate with her… and it’s so unbelievable to actually see her in my workplace… in the advertising production to be exact.

We were playmates since babies… We even consider each other as sisters. We only parted when my family moved in to Davao City because my dad was reassigned to DENR XI. My mom just started her boutique business in Davao. I basically started my formal studies in Davao. Though, we communicate constantly through letters, but the moment came where we hardly read each other’s letters and hardly write to each other… until we finally lost the chance of communicating… and I never thought I’d see her again, since her family moved in to another city… after 15 years… I had that chance of seeing her… so ironic that it isn’t so hard to know her again… and still treat each other as friends… even sisters. We bonded together, trying to make it up for the lost times.

She’s actually my VJ for my commercial, her name is KAT… Love you sissy J

my ever dearest long lost best friend

My First time to work with Kat... me motivating Kat for her spills


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